Thursday, September 15, 2011

online gamer (cyber bullying)

one day i was online playing video games.with agent p the master of online video games i beat him twice and the third time i was gonna beat him again till he started trash talking i got offline for a couple minutes. I got back on he was still on he said he was gonna find where i lived and he was gonna kill me and my family at first it was kinda funny till he got my number and texted me i asked who it was he said im outside i got a gun and your next i ran upstairs no one was home i went to my sisters room and dove out her window now im in hell i think i would have gone to heaven if i had time to correct the mistakes i made and the craziest thing is agent p was my sister and it was supposed to be a big joke no one was supposed to die.


  1. your story is really good and funny. Also it is weird that your sister was agent p

  2. Your story was really funny, but just like Marlene said, It was weird that Agent P was your sister. I also felt a little bad that you died.